Andrew is a prolific poet who works for a newspaper company; his work personifies human emotion. His paper is the empty canvas in which, he paints his words that become the body; the stanzas, form the skeleton, organs, nerves and skin. Lastly, his words and literary devices breathe life to this empty shell. With every word, his readers become entranced by his prowess and yearn for more. Like every artist, Andrew’s creative juices eventually runs low and sometimes, even dries up. 

So, come along with me, my dear readers— as we embark on a journey to discover the ways how we can retain and refuel our creative juices. 

Use of multiple muses

We, the beings of art, are enthralled, inspired and motivated, by specific elements that we call muses. Personally, mine are music, movies, and even my friends. Although, primarily, music is the element I use. Nonetheless, I am capable of drawing from the others and anything else that I can find really. 

Therefore, how can we as artistic individuals, limit our manifestations of creativity, to a single muse? My fellow artist, a burnout, is but inevitable, should you continue this path. So, when you feel your magical wellspring running low, look around you…and conceptualize other elements of inspiration and enthrallment. This could even enhance your art and add additional perspectives to your creation. 

Taking breaks

Behind every creative individual, there have been hours upon hours, of hard-work and brain-busting. Yes, this ensures that we not only get the job done but also to our liking. However, like a battery, your brain runs low! Even Superman needs to recharge so he can be, well, super. If he needs to do that, then why did you think you were any different?

Whatever your method of rejuvenation maybe, utilize it. This gives you a chance to retain and refuel your juices. When you revisit the piece(s), you will be able to add, subtract and generally, increase the beauty of your art. 

Get some brain food

Another way to rejuvenate your brain is by feeding it the necessary nutrients. Similarly, a farmer adds fertilizer to his crops. Should he/she not do this, they decrease the chances of it being of high quality with grade ‘A’ flavour. Now, is that REALLY what you want to do to YOUR good-good brain? If so, it is time for a change. For these nutrients, I will be quoting Registered Dietician, Helen West from the UK and Registered Nutritionist, Kaitlyn Berkheiser from Iceland. 

  • You can start with Omega-3 a.k.a., fish-oil vitamins. These are vital for the maintenance of your brain structure and its functions. They also double as protection against brain damage and ageing!
  • Vitamin B12 helps to prevent the loss of neurons! Neurons are what fosters memory storage and retrieval. The B12 vitamin helps to reduce memory loss, which is caused by brain atrophy—this is the death of your brain. 
  • Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in tea, coffee and dark chocolate, that many of us enjoy; some of its addicts can be found in Starbucks. Caffeine can help to improve reaction times, memory and general brain function. However! Do not throw caution to the wind with this stimulant, as you could become one of the very addicts I mentioned above!
  • Have you ever heard of Gingko Biloba? It is a supplement extracted from the tree of the same name. It can be bought online and is most likely available at a few herbal stores in Jamaica. GB (Gingko Biloba) is said to boost brain power, by increasing the brain’s blood flow. This results in improved focus and memory. It has also been found to decrease ageing in the brain.

Ease up on yourself

Do you know the term “I am my worst critic”? While this can be beneficial, it is also detrimental. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) illustrates a cognitive trio of negative thoughts that occur because of negative automatic thinking. These thoughts concern themselves with how we perceive ourselves, how we think the world perceives us and how we perceive our future. 

Without being able to appreciate our art, we inherently struggle to appreciate ourselves. Consequently, like a spider crawling into the crevices of our homes, this infectious thinking manifests itself into how we think everyone will see our art as well. Therefore, when anyone praises our work, we shy away from it or shun it completely.

If you think or feel that your results failed to embody your aims and objectives, instead of tearing it – and yourself – down or restarting, try to ascertain what you DID embody!

Hopefully, with these tips my fellow magicians, you will be able to cast your spells and leave not only yourself but everyone in awe, at the splendour of your work. May this article evoke a spirit of ingenuity like no other! Till next time!

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