“Speaking your truth is a powerful tool we all have”- Oprah Winfrey. Sasha Williams more commonly known as Sasha Speaks is an entrepreneur, YouTuber, mental health champion, public speaker and content creator. Sasha appeared on Talk Up Yout, a Jamaican television and radio programme that gives young persons the opportunity to voice their opinions on current issues. She has also done many speaking engagements during her time at the University of the West Indies. Sasha is currently a radio co-host at Talk up radio on Nationwide90fm.

Covid-19 has presented both opportunities and challenges for Sasha. She has found that even though she may get discouraged by what has been happening, she saw this time as a way to re-focus and re-invent herself to ensure that she becomes better at what she is most passionate about.  Sasha shared with us that even though she hates the kitchen, she has used this to time to try out new dishes. She also uses this time to get closer to her loved ones and take online courses that help her to become better at her craft.

Her golden advice for this time is to UNRUSH YOURSELF. The pandemic is not a competition to see who can be more productive. It is important to pace yourself and take it one step at a time and keep your frame of mind healthy and if you cannot create during this time, it is fine, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

Speak with Sasha on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter @sashaspeaks.ja and if you want interesting content, subscribe to her YouTube channel Sashaspeaks.

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