Imagine creating your own mural in your room, having one your heartfelt poems published in The Caribbean Writer or even just following your dreams of leaving a legacy on the world through your powerful words. Well for this creative, she did not have to imagine. Jenelle Samuels is a writer, poet, artist and animation student at the University of the West Indies. She commonly goes by the alias Neptune Naiadis which brewed from her love of astronomy and all things mythical. You must be wondering how a person filled with so much creative spirit cope during this time. Well we have those answers for you.

Jenelle has gained multiple opportunities during this time and has even been able to increase her digital presence and showcase her work. Even though there has been many opportunities present for her, she gains most of her inspiration from interacting with others and being outdoors so being confined to being completely indoors has been very stressful for her and has even taken a toll on her creative energy causing her to be less motivated to write. Neptune is a huge plant enthusiast and finds joy in taking care of her plants, as well as listening to audiobooks. This time has also allowed her to work on herself spiritually, mentally and emotionally, which she is most grateful for.

She describes herself as a “busy-bee” and has found that this time has allowed for her to slow down and become more patient with herself and has definitely seen how this has made her develop a better work ethic.

Neptune leaves these beautiful words to all creatives: “It is okay to slow down and cry.” “Don’t feel as if you need to come out of this with a Master’s degree.” “Work at a pace that is conducive to you”.

To keep up this beautiful star, you can follow her on Instagram @neptunenaiadis.

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