Advice to Creatives: “Maintain your routine, as much as you can, even something loose, to keep track of time daily, and keep your calendar visible. Take breaks from online, for a couple hours a day to just observe your immediate physical space where you live, wherever you are, just to stay present where you are. Also, watch or listen to the news occasionally, just to keep abreast with the current state of our country and the world on a whole and write down your thoughts or record them when things get a little overwhelming, and keep hydrated! Try to enjoy this little ‘break’, as I call it and focus your energy on the things you can control.” – Words of Shanice Natty.


Dynamic, eccentric and authentic are only a few words to describe this creative. Shanice Natty is a 19 year old writer, singer, song-writer and poet. NATTY prides herself in consistently improving and developing her craft through multiple projects, her most recent project “Natty’s Room”, a series that showcases Natty covering popular songs by a myriad of artistes weekly. She is also working on multiple designs dedicated to embracing femininity and feminine energy. Cool right? I was mind blow too. Covid 19 has affected many creatives as many events such as art walks and poetry festivals and just abilities to network with other creatives have been put to a stop. We had the privilege of interviewing Shanice Natty on how she has been coping with Covid 19 as a creative.

Even though the pandemic is an unfortunate situation for many, NATTY finds it to be “a blessing in disguise”. She was able to jump- start and release creative projects, as well as she has been able to find time for self- introspection and reflection. This has helped her to think deeply on what she wants her art to communicate and how she would be able to do this accurately and effectively through different mediums. During this time, it is hard to stay motivated or consistent as a creative. Natty finds that she is intrinsically motivated and as a result, find ways to take care of both her body and mind. She believes that by doing this she will be able to stay consistent and productive.

Quarantine has been a time for rest and development for many people. It has birthed many businesses, art works, musical pieces and other innovative ideas. It is no doubt that NATTY has brilliant ideas, one of which came alive during Quarantine. Her Instagram TV series, Natty’s room, is a peak into her musical side. Natty’s Room showcases Shanice Natty making musical covers of her favourite songs. The episodes are edited in such a way that not only showcases Natty’s melodic voice but her vibrant and beaming personality.


Honestly guys, you have no choice but to love every single episode. To stay abreast with everything that Natty is doing and more you can follow her on her socials: @natty_s.a.n on Instagram, Natty Twitter and NATTY Soundcloud.

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