Lawrence L.Deacon

“I would tell every artist to use this opportunity to collaborate, cultivate ideas, and get a project done. Where working towards a goal is a concern instead of setting long term goals. Set short term goals that add up to you accomplishing your long term goals. This helps you to stay engage and make the creative process more intense and interesting.  It’s also key to focus on your daily studio routine, stay informed but don’t get caught where it overwhelms you to the point of either depression or anxiety, that’s important to your mental health.” – Wise words of advice from Lawrence L. Deacon.


Another day, another Creative. This Creative is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Lawrence L. Deacon is Jamaican Illustrator, Creative Director, Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur. His work often hides a deep message behind a myriad of colours, lines and swirls. Lawrence has worked with multiple brands locally and internationally, some of which includes Yink and Fabrice Gautier. Aside from his love of designing, Lawrence has a deep love and appreciation for music. He is currently working on his first album under his brand DELAWNESS and he is very optimistic about it doing well. He also designed the album cover for Azzizi Romeo’s upcoming EP Reggae Royalty which is set to be released on June 26, 2020. So how does a man with so much ambition and goals cope during this time? Well, let’s find out.

Lawrence has always been able to capture emotions, feelings and controversial issues in his work. Even though Covid 19 has cancelled or slowed down many of the projects that he has been working on, he was able to create not one but TWO new pieces during this time showcasing his feelings about Covid 19. These pieces are called AirRona and Introspeq and are available on his website.

Constantly striving for perfection, Lawrence has gained a new perspective on life which has subsequently helped him to be better at his craft and to stay motivated amidst all the chaos that has been occurring. He believes that his work is the legacy that he will leave on this world and he wants to ensure that it inspires us to think, sparks a conversation and inspires us to fight for and become the change we would like to see in this world.

Keep up with Deacon! You can follow him on Instagram @lawrencedeacon1 and view all his work on

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