The roll of thunder, an empty swing set, burning debris and an upturned bicycle wheel idly spinning in the smoke all make up the opening visuals for Chronixx’s recent release, Safe N Sound. Chronixx opens his 2021 account in terrific form as he heralds for change in what is arguably a visual and lyrical masterpiece.

The track, co-produced by Chronixx and Romaine “TeflonZincFence” Arnett, is Chronixx’s most recent release since he dropped So Brutal in November 2020.

The ominous – and almost, haunting – beat of Safe N Sound compliments the track’s dystopic visuals as, throughout the music video, the lone figure of Chronixx walks through scenes of burning debris and smoke. The dramatic video shots and editing give the sense of a post-apocalyptic world with Chronixx – born Jamar McNaughton – walking and performing through the chaff.
Chronixx has cemented his reputation as a conscious lyricist whose music often speaks about resilience, spirituality, and anti-war ideologies. Songs like Ghetto Paradise, Start a Fyah, and Ain’t No Giving In are just a few songs from his repertoire that brings across his perspectives and views of society.

In this new release, Chronixx – and not for the first time in his career – aims at the corruption and incompetency of the government, and heralds a message of love and greater unity from each person at a personal and community level.
“State of emergency and a bag a tension. Politicians doh have nuh development plan. That’s why every community needs a one don. One order, everybody fi unite. Nyabinghi order Rastafari,” sings Chronixx.

The smooth hook that follows the first verse shows his visions for a better community and a better Jamaica. Make no mistake, Chronixx speaks from a place of experience and wisdom, and just like his lyrics suggest, he wants nothing more than love and prosperity throughout the communities.

“More love flowing in the town, whole community safe n sound. Move love flowing in the street, work affi gwaan and food affi eat. More love flowing in the town, come on Jamaica tell me how mi sound.”

The duality of his lyrics makes for a truly riveting song and is reminiscent of his earlier track, Ghetto Paradise off his Chronology album. Back then, Chronixx described Jamaica as a ghetto paradise – a seemingly beautiful and perfect place but beneath the beauty lies sinister elements.

“Jamrock is a precious stone but still it’s far from a diamond, take it from I man,” Chronixx penned. “Even though Jamaica nice, you gotta live to save your life. After the sunset comes the darkness of the night.”

He carries a similar message in this when he moves from the hook speaking of love and unity and transitions into a spiel on the cyclical nature of crime in Jamaican society. The tone of the video suddenly switches as Chronixx’s message changes and the scene is suddenly lit with bright red light, as though looking through a sea of red.

“Look how much a wi son dem kill already. Look how much juvenile dem killing again. Future Shelly-Ann Frasers, Usain Bolts. Doctors, wi lawyers and all wi singer dem.”

Chronixx’s recent single, Safe N Sound, is another certifiable hit from the reggae musician and brings more messages of substance and resilience to his ever-growing catalogue.

Image and Video: Taken from the music video Safe n Sound by Chronixx. Watch on YouTube.
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