The self-styled ‘Detta Boss’ created waves in the dancehall scene with the release of his long-awaited album Top Prize which he had confirmed back in February. There were always going to be high expectations as this would be Alkaline’s second album following the release of his record-breaking New Level Unlocked project which he had dropped back in 2016. After five years without an album, and the standards that he had set with New Levels UnlockedTop Prize was met with much anticipation.

Taking the time to read through the tracklist on the album, four of the 14 songs featured on the album had already been released prior to the official album date. Hits like CreeDeh SuhTop Prize, and Ocean Wave had been released months earlier and had amassed a combined 39 million views on Youtube alone. The added fact that Alkaline performed acoustic versions of Cree and Ocean Wave on Audiomack’s Fine Tuned series truly set the tone for what was to come.



In an interview with the Caribbean blog, British Linkz, Alkaline explained that the album is a way to chronicle his experience and growth throughout his career.

“This album is timely as with my experiences, the lessons learned and growth over time, it is only fair that I bring everything full circle. All the Detta fans who have been a part of the movement from day one will appreciate it and even those who have just come to realize the fact will enjoy it… It bad! Lol,” Alkaline said.

And while speaking with the Gleaner, the ‘Detta Boss’ explained the album would be a showcase of his talents and creativity with his self-honed craft.

“Everything from meditation while bunning a spliff an’ ah easy, that is, conscious songs to chunes for the girls to dance to, getting rich and making money … it’s a variety of songs and crazy vibes,” said the artiste. “It’s like the ultimate prize for me, and that’s what I am giving as well, and once the Vendetta fans them happy … me will happy. Me did wah put more chune but management say save it for a next album. So, we focusing on the top prize, cause we nah stop rise.”

And the versatility of his songs was evident within the first few listens to the album. From the hard-hitting and poignant lyrics from songs like Cree, the album would then transition to the smooth flow and party vibe of Medicine before once again switching to the inspirational and personal lyrics found Ocean Wave as Alkaline writes about his success and climb to the top of his field, and not to mention the lyrical potent and fast tempo Payroll to close out the album.

Top Prize has been gathering critical acclaim in just a week after its release, with the album shooting instantly to the top of the iTunes Reggae charts within an hour of its release and number six worldwide. The album also instantly topped the Apple Music charts in Jamaica, and then topped the Apple Music Reggae chart worldwide, gathering steam day by day.

Top Prize also earned the acclaim of being the best-selling album this week in three categories on Amazon’s Music – Reggae, Caribbean, and Cuba and International.

All 14 of the songs have made the Deezer’s Top 100 playlist in Jamaica.

Alkaline, according to his publicist, is expected to set the record for being the first independent reggae-dancehall artiste to have their albums debut at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Album Charts. His 2016 project New Level Unlocked debuted at #1 and stayed there for 18 weeks, and Shuzzr Media (Alkaline’s publicist) is expecting Top Prize to achieve similar, if not, greater numbers.

Alkaline Top Prize Album
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